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A Jedi Knight of art and design, with a skillset that spans a wide range of media. Coley is an experienced creative with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. She also loves any kind of art and craft she can get her hands on—favorites include painting, drawing and making movie prop and set replicas using hot glue and cardboard.

Topics of interest include, not limited to, and not in any order: Anything creative, dogs and cats, old time radio, party planning, ghost busting, Star Wars, and volunteering. Just to name a few.

Fan of Gallup StrengthsFinder? Here’s Coley’s top 12:

  1. Adaptability

  2. Maximizer

  3. Ideation

  4. Connectedness

  5. Empathy

  6. Futuristic

  7. Strategic

  8. Intellection

  9. Input

  10. Achiever

  11. Activator

  12. Developer

Want to work on a project together? Discuss the latest Star Wars movie theories? Share funny cat videos? Send an email—It’s faster than an owl, and hologram technology isn’t quite there yet.

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“Coley has a rare combination of old-school illustration skills and high-tech interactive design expertise. I loved working with Coley. When asked for her assistance on a project, the end result always exceeded expectations. She exemplifies the very definition of creative in so many ways, I believe Coley will chart her own path. Any company, agency or client that has the opportunity to work with Coley should grab it.”

— Chris Maas, Sr. Art Director at ICF Olson

“I was lucky to get to work with Coley at ICF Olson on the Citi/Best Buy team and on several internal projects. Coley is a vastly creative and innovative designer, always exploring new and better ways to push creative, even when she was handed pretty dry subjects. With the help of her winning creative, our team was able to increase our SOW by 20% for 2018. As one of the most adept animators in the office, other teams flocked to Coley for her creative and technical expertise, and she always made the time for extra projects. Coley was a great supporter of our rich office culture, always going above and beyond, such as creating a life-size robot for our Valentine's Day Box challenge; a 5-foot replica of Jabba's Palace for our Halloween competition; and concocting a true-to-life Princess Leia costume for our holiday white-out party. Coley is truly one to notice!”

— Jean Cox, Senior Writer at ICF Olson

“One of my favorite people who I've had the opportunity to work with, I'd certainly work with her again. She brings no attitude to a critique, she loves to learn, to talk about the work and then to make it even better. From traditional to digital to unconventional and everything in the middle, she's able to adapt and thrive. She's a hands-on artist who knows the craft from paper to technology. Collaborative, adaptive and incredibly talented — that's Coley!”

— Frank Stegmaier, CD at Campbell Mithun/McCann

“Not only is Nicole an extremely talented artist but she also keepsup on all the modern design technology that takes her craft toanother level. Whether it's an infographic for the web, a handpainted design for a product or a life-sized mural, Nicole can do it all.”

— Peter J. Nelson, Senior Video Producer at The Minnesota Twins

“Nicole was made to be a designer. Her hard work, determination, and talents are just the beginning of what will establish a great career in design. Nicole takes the time to listen to what is asked of her for any project and then executes with perfection. Her attention to detail helps bring her projects the extra mile; as she thinks of everything that is needed, and wasn't even thought of being needed yet. She will be a great addition to any design team in the future.”

— Hannah Husemann, Designer