Design & Illustration

America's Pastime

Develop a campaign around something you are passionate about.

I love baseball. It has such a great classic aesthetic, yet is contemporary and current. I designed this baseball app prototype that engages the user, the fan, to take their baseball viewing experience to the next level. Check into games, keep track of your own personal stats, and record your memories at the 30 different Major League Baseball stadiums. A ticker at the bottom of the screen keeps up with in-game updates including no-hitter alerts, game scores, player injuries and more. Earn rewards and points for obtaining certain goals and milestones, then transition from the digital world by redeeming your points for tangible items like player profile cards, ballpark books, and team memorabilia.

Look back years from now and remember where you were when Torii Hunter hit that milestone homer, when Kershaw threw that perfect game, and when the Cubs won the World Series (hey, a girl can dream right?)

Created for
The Art Institutes International Minnesota, Senior portfolio

Concept, Designer, Production