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Skillshare: Animating with Ease in AE

A Skillshare Class by Jake Bartlett

Skillshare is an online community for creatives to learn and teach different skills. I recently took Jake Bartlett's class on Animating with Ease in After Effects.

For my project, I recreated my workplace building at Christmas time. We occupy floors 7-10 so I made each of the floors festive in their own unique way.

The tree on floor 9 is one of my favorite parts because although it's so subtle, the twinkling lights really add some extra magic. Speaking of magic, at my work there's a statue on the roof of a man, so I brought him to life in this animation and gave him a Santa hat to stay warm from the falling snow. The snow at the base of the building grows as the snow falls. Just before the building collapses, you can see Santa and his reindeer flying into the night. 

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